The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (ProTech) specialises in providing research and technological development services to industry agents. Their main areas of competence that are relevant to the SmartFlex project are photovoltaic technologies, in particular solar cells and modules manufacturing technologies, material science, electronics, microelectronics, measurements and testing.

Via Solis

Manufacturer of photovoltaic modules Via Solis boasts cutting-edge PV manufacturing facilities with a flexible production line for innovative glass/glass type c-Si modules with an annual capacity of 60 megawatt (MW), mainly targeted to BIPV and modern architectural applications.

Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly designs and manufactures tailor-made systems and equipment in the area of process automation for the automotive, photovoltaic, medical and cosmetic sectors, including a wide range of technologies to be implemented.


The mission of Glassbel is to develop and propose glass solutions that will provide a long-term return on investment due to the high performance properties of the product as well as create expressive architectural style on a building.

Creative Amadeo

Creative Amadeo is the owner and developer of CygniCon technology, the basis of all products related to CAD, home design and specialised software versions. The product range targets professional planners and architects in the building industry as well as end users designing their own homes.

Sunbeam Communications

Specialising in renewable energy and energy efficiency, Sunbeam offers technically-oriented communication services tailored to the dynamic renewable energy market in Europe. Sunbeam also boasts in-depth market knowledge and excellent contacts with industry associations and the media.

ISAAC – Swiss BIPV Competence Centre

The Swiss BIPV Competence Centre tests and characterises photovoltaic modules, focussing on the development and adaption of test methods for BIPV and flexible modules.

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PIB)

The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PIB) tests the reliability, safety, performance and yield of PV modules for certification by IEC and UL and beyond. PI Berlin provides consultancy, field testing and technical assessment for the BIPV installation including yield analysis and execution planning.